Management training

We offer a range of management training services from our breakfast forums and newsletters, to personalised in-house training packages that work around your company needs.


We cater for not only larger corporates but smaller SMEs and business start-ups.

As management science grows ever more sophisticated, training has become inextricably entwined with performance management and undertaken largely by line managers with a subsequent reduction in external training.


We can design tailored workplace training which might include:




Alexandra Sim, Head of HR, Santé Verte Ltd:
“I always enjoy attending the Breakfast Forums from Employment Relations, the subjects are relevant and it’s a good way to keep up to date with current legislation for example. The discussions around a lovely breakfast are interesting, it’s good to hear other professionals views and experience, and share your own.”


Gill Monk, Managing Director, All Health Matters:
“I have consulted Employment Relations for several years now, and have always found the advice and support offered by Tony and his team to be fast, accurate and efficacious. A very personal service”


Nick Hawley, UK Director of HR and Public Affairs – UK, Eurotunnel:
We have been attending the Breakfast Forums for many years and have always found them to be interesting, entertaining and thought provoking. Discussions on employment topics with other members of the local community serve to enhance our knowledge of an area of law which becomes more complex with the passing of every EU parliamentary year!