We work with accountancy practices and their staff and clients on workplace problems, regulation and contract disputes.


Accountants are often the first place businesses go to discuss their plans or problems and we work closely with our professional colleagues to ensure that accurate advice on employment is offered before decisions are taken that will affect the business.


Equally of course accountancy practices are employers with all the worries and regulatory issues that go with that and having expert advice on hand lightens that burden.




We ensure clients are fully compliant and that performance management procedures take full account of the requirements of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.


In preparing employment contracts and policies it is important to ensure that regulatory and training compliance are covered. By way of example anyone on maternity or adoption leave needs access to training in just the same way as colleagues who are not and a simple oversight can lead to discrimination being alleged.




Accountants facing threatened regulatory proceedings need advice and representation and we can offer objectivity at a point where the stress of threatened intervention makes professional life difficult.


Robust and independent advice and representation is essential for any firm or partner staff member facing this. We can offer this objectivity. Sometimes disciplinary action being taken by the employing firm against a staff member or indeed partner can be such as it will be career threatening. If a gross misconduct charge is made out the firm will probably have to report this to the Institute. There may be circumstances where the firm should permit legal representation.


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