Tribunals and dismissal

Very much tied into the issues associated with discipline and grievance is the decision to dismiss for whatever reason.


Whether it be for performance, misconduct or redundancy, it is imperative to deal with the dismissal correctly if the possibility of an expensive claim is to be avoided. In situations where employers are contemplating a process that may lead to dismissal, we can guide them carefully through the steps needed to minimise risk.


If the worst case scenario has come about and a Tribunal application has been issued, then we can help with expert advice and representation. If it is clear that there are no sensible prospects for you, we will not hesitate to say so and will negotiate the best possible exit for you.


It should also be remembered that tribunal claims are extremely expensive. Although we will endeavour to minimise the legal expense, the harsh reality is that the employer will be faced with a disproportionate amount of management time fighting the case.


Since the abolition of tribunal fees following the Supreme Court decisions there has been a marked increase in tribunal claims.  The last quarter of 2017 was up by 57% on 2016.