Performance management

Your business can only succeed if you have the right people in the right jobs working together to implement a clearly defined strategy.


These people will need to be supported to develop so that they can realise the objectives of your corporate or business plan. Over simplistic perhaps, but just as consistency is the mainstay of personnel administration objectivity is essential when managing performance; achieving that objectivity is not as easy as it may sound. Your organisation will be totally individual and facing challenges that are quite different to any other but it is how you face those challenges and motivate your workforce that will mark you out.


So what is performance management and how does training fit in? Estimates of companies conducting performance management systems vary from 70 to 90% but what is clear is that there has been a move away from external training and line managers have largely taken on the role of trainer. Whatever the size of the organisation or department, line managers need to be clear about the goals or targets they are expected to achieve. The starting point therefore is establishing exactly what these are and communicating them effectively to all employees. If you want to avoid claims of discrimination you need a good equal opportunities policy which permeates right through your decision making process. If an individual is promoted then it must be abundantly clear that they are the most deserving regardless of age, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation. Your organisation will need a system which takes into account your business plan and reflects its character;  it does not need to be complex, merely appropriate.


We can affect performance in the following ways:


  • Communication of information on business plans and progress towards achieving these plans
  • Disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Drafting appropriate policies
  • Improving poor and rewarding high performance – training, coaching and incentives
  • Job analysis and accurate well drawn job descriptions
  • Performance monitoring and counselling – appraisal and review
  • Personnel file management and data protection
  • Setting targets and performance standards – benchmarking


If you feel your business might improve from advice on any of the above issues we are happy to discuss these or any problems you may have on 01303 840001. Alternatively you may wish to identify areas of concern by downloading our HR audit here.