Employers Prices

Our rates vary from £260 per hour to £320 plus vat for advice.



Settlement agreement £500 plus vat.  The employer will normally pay this for you or contribute to the cost

Advising on contracts £500-1500 plus vat


If you do decide to take a tribunal case you should know that it is difficult to be precise about how long it takes for a case to come to a hearing. However very straightforward case are about 6-9 months from when the claim is served. Difficult and complex cases that might involve discrimination or whistleblowing are currently taking about 15 months before the tribunal can list a 3 day case.


Negotiating through Acas or with the Employer before a claim is made £2000-3000*
Case if matters cannot be settled
Reviewing all documents


Preparing a claim (ET1)


£2000- 2500
Preparing for and dealing with  on a telephone preliminary hearing


Dealing with disclosure of relevant documents


Preparation of witness statement ( principal witness)


Preparation of witness statement (additional witnesses per statement)


£ 500-1250
Preparing instructions to counsel


Total budget to a hearing £9200-13250

We will normally instruct a barrister to appear for you on the hearing and the cost of this is likely to be between £2000-3500 for a one day case.  Each additional day is likely to cost £1500-2000