Over 90% of our work comes from recommendation and we take a robustly practical approach to employment law problems and put the needs of the business first.


If you come to us with a tribunal claim you may with good reason want to fight it to a conclusion but we will take a detached view of your prospects and advise you on likelihood of success and the approach to be taken.


However we would rather you came to us before you hit problems as we will be able to tell you how best to avoid them. However we do not take the risk averse approach of many insurance backed advisors who seem reluctant ever to tell you to dismiss. We will weigh the risk and help you balance the needs of the business and staff morale.


We also hold regular training events for our clients as well as undertake detailed in-house training.


We have advised clients in all sectors ranging from retailing, health, education, charities, transport, and financial services through to professional football and even firms of solicitors. We firmly believe effective staff management is the key to increasing productivity and profitability. We aim to offer cost-effective solutions to the everyday problems facing employers. Our approach is practical as well as professional.


Clients we have acted for include:
Eurotunnel Services Ltd
Plastering Contractors (Stanmore )Ltd
Brand Fuel Ltd
Santé Verte Ltd 
Kent Police and Crime Commissioner


We work with a full range of professionals as you will see on our about us page to deliver solutions on employment issues whatever their nature.




We will fix a budget with you that will not be exceeded without your consent. Our case management system means we can tell you instantly the state of your fee account whenever you ask.