Employees Prices

Our rates vary from £260 per hour to £320 plus vat for advice.


 Settlement agreement £500 plus vat.  The employer will normally pay this for you or contribute to the cost

Advising on contracts £500-1500 plus vat


If you do decide to take a tribunal case you should know that it is difficult to be precise about how long it takes for a case to come to a hearing. However very straightforward case are about 6-9 months from when the claim is served. Difficult and complex cases that might involve discrimination or whistleblowing are currently taking about 15 months before the tribunal can list a 3 day case.


We always advice an attempt at negotiation with the employer before proceedings are issued.  Sometimes, this is done through ACAS and the Early Conciliation process.  A negotiated Agreement is usually what we expect to achieve and do achieve in approximately 75% of all cases.  As a guideline, a negotiated exit package will normally be in the region of £2500.00 – £3000.00 plus VAT.  We will usually fix an interim limit of £1000.00 plus VAT to give us an opportunity to see whether the employer is prepared to negotiate or not


Taking the stages all plus vat


Example charges in Tribunal cases

Negotiating through Acas or with the Claimant before a claim is made £2000-3000*
Case if matters cannot be settled
Reviewing all documents


Preparing a response to the claim (ET3)


£2000- 2500
Preparing for and dealing with  on a telephone preliminary hearing


Dealing with disclosure of relevant documents


Preparation of witness statement ( principal witness)


Preparation of witness statement (additional witnesses per statement)


£ 500-1250
Preparing instructions to counsel


Total budget to a hearing £9200-13250


We will normally instruct a barrister to appear for you on the hearing and the cost of this is likely to be between £2000-3500 for a one day case.  Each additional day is likely to cost £1500-2000